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Somme100 FILM (Laura Rossi)

Somme100Film is an international project to mark the 100th Anniversary of the famous WW1 Battle of the Somme.

From July 2016 through July 2017 the project aims to co-ordinate 100 live orchestral performances of the iconic 1916 film The Battle of the Somme, shot by Geoffrey Malins and John McDowell, with the acclaimed new score by UK composer Laura Rossi, commissioned by the Imperial War museum.

A live performance is a unique and memorable way to present this historic documentary film, shot during the battle itself, and watched by over half the adult UK population on its release in 1916—a box office record not broken until the release of Star Wars in 1977.

Professional, amateur and youth orchestras have been taking part in this project staging performances in a variety of venues.

The music for this piece is by Laura Rossi. The music was commissioned by the British Imperial War Museums. Performed by arrangement with Faber Music Ltd, London.

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