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OSO Soloist: Derhim Bahakam

Picture of Derhim Bahakam

Derhim Bahakam started to play the tuba at the age of 11.

A review of the concert applauded the performance

"The rags to riches story of Tripp and Kleisinger’s “Tubby the Tuba”, made famous in the 1940s by being narrated and sung by Danny Kaye, can still retain its freshness and impact today, especially when the modern narrator is as dynamic and sympathetic as was Amanda Owen in this performance and the tuba so expertly and sensitively played by Derhim Bahakam.


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Pictured (from left to right):

Julie Gurney (Peepo the Piccolo),Derhim Bahakam (Tubby the Tuba)and Amanda Owen who narrated the concert.

Concerts where Derhim Bahakam played:

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